Veneers Can Correct More Smile Flaws Than You Think

Everyone knows what a classic, Hollywood smile looks like, right? And it’s common to look in the mirror and wonder why you don’t see that kind of dazzling smile reflected back at you. The truth is that most movie stars, TV actors, models, and pretty much anyone who is filmed or photographed for a living has had some sort of cosmetic dental work in order to give them that enviable white, glowing smile.

The good news is that Dr. Francys Day can give you that kind of smile with porcelain veneers. And if you thought veneers were just to fix minor issues with otherwise perfect teeth, think again! Veneers can correct more smile flaws than you think.

Veneers can correct many different smile problems

Are you afraid that your teeth are too far gone to benefit from veneers? Or do you think something that you dislike about your smile isn’t bad enough to require this option? In reality, many people get dental veneers to cover up smile problems both big and small. Veneers can fix the following tooth problems:

Discolored, stained, or dull teeth

Discoloration can occur for a range of reasons, and in many instances, choosing to get veneers is a proper solution to this problem. Some people have discolored teeth because of a root canal or other root damage, smoking or drug use, staining from foods or beverages, or even excessive contact with fluoride. Whatever the case, veneers can make your teeth whiter and brighter.

Small, worn teeth

Veneers can be crafted to change the size of your teeth. It’s true! And they’re a great option for patients whose teeth have always been small or whose teeth have been worn down over the years because of age or another reason.

Gaps between teeth

Do you have small or large gaps between your teeth that make you self-conscious when you smile? Veneers help with this, as they can minimize the distance between your teeth without moving your individual teeth at all. The porcelain shells are shaped to the right size and affixed on top of your existing teeth.

Crooked teeth

You may avoid sharing a crooked smile, especially if you feel uncomfortable about it. But with veneers, you can smooth out the look of your crooked teeth to reveal a smile that’s straight and even, just like the smiles of Hollywood movie stars.

Broken teeth

Veneers can correct chipped, broken, or cracked teeth, too. The difference this option can make to your smile even if only one of your teeth is chipped is extraordinary.

Uneven or strangely shaped teeth

Some people feel self-conscious because their teeth are weirdly shaped or because one tooth looks different from the others. Custom veneers can conceal these tooth imperfections. In addition, veneers can also smooth out individual teeth with bulges or holes, making that tooth look more like your other teeth.

Worn-away enamel

When the enamel of your teeth is worn away by aging or eating or drinking certain acidic foods and beverages, it can make the teeth more sensitive as well as defenseless when it comes to issues like cavities. Veneers can help protect your teeth from this problem, and even strengthen them, so you can enjoy the foods you love.

Can veneers correct my smile problem?

It’s possible. Just because you don’t see your smile concern listed here doesn’t mean veneers can’t be a potential solution for you. The best way to know for sure is to ask.

To learn more about veneers, get in touch with Austin Smiles by Day by calling our Austin, Texas, office. You can also book an appointment online. Dr. Day is committed to helping her patients smile more brightly and more often. Find out today if veneers are a potential fit for your needs.

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